Groundhog Day (1993)

Wow. Clever. I must be the last person to see this movie (Netflix instant watch, 2012). Better late than never.



Frank Tashiro – Tashiro Hardware since 1885

Frank Tashiro, Fall 2010

Quintessential Old World/Old School: Frank Tashiro is Seatle’s own  national treasure. Andy Vanags  would send everyone in Gould Hall to Frank Tashiro for Japanese pull saws. I had to return, 19 years later, to replace my own set of saws, since gifted away in North Carolina to a colleague for allowing me access to his stand of bamboo on his property outside Chapel Hill.

I read an Oregon woodworker’s guild account that captured Mr. Tashiro’s spirit and hint at the wealth of knowledge he possesses.

For me, to PULL rather than to PUSH in itself embodies a philosphy to live by.    


We lived straight up Phinney Ave. on Phinney Ridge from Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood when at the bottom you could have a “microbrew” in a “smoke-free” “brewpub” at Red Hook’s Trolleyman.

19 years later, “foodies” sample “organic”, “small batch”, “single-origin”, “fair for life” chocolate at Theo in the same adaptively-reused historic brick trolley barn.

What is it in the going away, and coming back to a place, to witness a little history unfold from the same street corner?

How far flung or how long adrift before you find your beer or taste chocolate like you’ve never tasted before (like I just have: 74% Single-Origin Madagascar Dark Chocolate)? I suppose if you’ve never left Fremont [or are one of the happy 500 employees at Adobe’s Fremont campus] you wouldn’t have to go far or be gone very long.

As for the rest us, is it only either the porch swing or carpetbagging? There’s plenty of beauty to behold from the porch swing…with a beer…and some chocolate…oh and WiFi.

Mount Rainier and the Neighbor

The climber who died this week on Mount Rainier lived just up the street from us, in the house festooned in Tibetan prayer flags. We haven’t met many of our new neighbors, and hadn’t yet met this neighbor, but surely we saw this man this weekend, Lee Adams.

It was only in passing, he was standing in the street with his car half up the driveway the other half across the sidewalk, perhaps loading up his and the gear of the out of town guests here to climb Mount Rainier with him.

We can reflect now how with only a glance from this stranger’s eyes, his smile, all the enthusiasm he exuded for life, and how now a simple glance can contain so much, as to resonate in you for such a long time.

Parade: an organized public procession on a festive or ceremonial occasion

In keeping with their mission to engage and inspire, at the end of yesterday’s performance on the Green in Chapel Hill’s Southern Village neighborhood, Paperhand Puppet Intervention invited the audience to join them in the celebratory ritual of parade.

The crowd was costumed in a U-Haul’s load of masks, under the sway of giant puppets all stomping down Market Street to the rhythm of the drums. I was easily swept up and away. Their mission:

Paperhand Puppet intervention is dedicated to bringing many styles of  puppetry and artistic expression to the Triangle area and the world.

These styles include: Giant puppets, masks, stilt dancing, rod puppets, shadows or silhouettes, and anything else we might make at any time.

Our vision is inspired by our love for the earth and its creatures  (including humans) as well as our belief in justice, equality, and peace.

We are committed to creating multi-scaled and multi-disciplinary puppet performances that support this vision.

Paperhand’s mission is to make work that inspires people, promotes social change, and is deeply satisfying for everyone involved.

The puppet shows we create are a synthesis of many art forms  including (but not limited to):sculpting, painting, music, dance, improvisation, costume/set design and theater.

We are celebrants.

We are activists.

We are puppeteers

Our will is set on undermining, and eventually, eradicating the  institutions of greed, hate, and fear that plague the world in myriad forms.

We will work all our lives uncompromisingly to these ends.

Architect swept up in the moment by Paperhand Puppet Intervention