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Geothermal and the desecration of Pele, the native goddess of fire and volcanoes

From the NYTimes: Hawaii Tries Green Tools in Remaking Power Grids, I found it fascinating and curious the notion that geothermal electricity generation might be thought of as sacrilegious to some.

“…As in any state with a rural-urban divide, residents of Hawaii’s less populous outlying areas are wary about being pushed around by planners in Honolulu.

The outer islands have higher concentrations of Native Hawaiians who are well versed in a local history of exploitation, from the American overthrow of their monarch in 1893 to environmental costs of sugar plantations and tourism. “

NYTIMES geothermal
On the Big Island of Hawaii, where lava flows from the Kilauea volcano, experts are drawing on the area's geothermal capacity to generate electricity.

“Some have formed groups like the Pele Defense Fund, which sprang up here in the 1980s to protect religious gathering rights in the rain forest on the Big Island. The fund seeks to prevent desecration of Pele, the native goddess of fire and volcanoes, and finds geothermal energy projects sacrilegious.”