The space between Airstream renos. & pop up developments

Between the delight brought by the Airstream restorations and renovations of and the wasteland-defibrillating pop up developments like the one planned for Tysons Corner, VA there is a space in my heart full of wanderlust on the one hand and hope on the other that within The Practice there is actually space between the monuments and class A spec. office space, the strip malls and big box retail, for all that we aspire toward for our built environment.

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In the case of pop up developments: they are the resuscitations and reparations for having ‘paved paradise and put up a up a parking lot’.


Its a kind of M*A*S*H 4077 embodiment of transit-oriented development principles, architectural triage when more traditional brick-and-mortar lags behind our need for places with soul and solace, oh and a SBUX.

Just around the corner from their World HQ with props for adaptively reusing the Sears & Roebuck Building, is a must-see next time you are in SODO south of downtown Seattle, a contextual shipping container architecture for a SBUX drive-thru.


As for the iconic Airstream trailer: there is a parallel American Dream to God’s little acre rooted in frontier mythos and a nostalgia for the open road. That it manifests itself in a mobile architecture – a vehicle with which to recreate, fossil fuel fun aside, the land yacht still fascinates like the real seaworthy yachts and liveaboards, all making getting there that much more than just half the fun.

That architects take part in patching and restoring the fabric of our lives or that architecture sets the stage for not only convenience but for the health and welfare of a civil society and civic engagement, or enriches and celebrates the vehicle from which all the comforts of domesticity and dwelling (and that’s everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink) are packed into a glorified chrome tortoise shell and hauled around as a form of recreation while also that lens for a scene-change down the road out Route 66, Blue Highways or the Coast Road, may seem a stretch, too high and mighty or far-reaching for any one profession, except architecture.