Watercolor, Spain ca. 1991

Stevie Wonder’s 1976 Songs in the Key of Life reminds me of a particular childhood memory, one of many family roadtrips to NYC, walking through those concrete canyons of steel, glass and stone, trailing a little behind, happily oblivious enough to play out loud the song in my head, on a gazoo. I got home, hit the mall with my allowance money, and bought that record. Maybe it was an awakening of musical consciousness, maybe the awe of the City and its embodiment of human endeavor. If you catch me singing Sir Duke you might definitely recommend I keep my day job.

Architecture is my day job is that occasional gazoo moment from that otherwise shy and awkward kid, left-handed, youngest child, born of immigrant parents, maintstreamed, assimilated, acculturated, muted for fear of sticking out. I love the ocean, but can’t swim a stroke. A stagehand but never center stage. Back up rhythm but never lead guitar. For as much joy and freedom that my bicycle afforded me growing up, I prefer now to ‘use’ my bicycle rather than ‘ride’ it these days. And I am the brown half of an inter-racial marriage, with 3 beautiful hapa haole children. I am lacto-ovo-pescatarian. And I have a mortgage.

Architecture is my day job is that ‘third place’ for thoughts and ideas about the profession and the built environment, and beyond the workaday to maybe inform, maybe reinvent the day job. It at times attempts to unravel a dialogue and discourse of the profession, forming a retort to restructure ideas that might spurn innovation. But mostly it’s just a window into what’s on my mind.

Thanks for visiting.


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