Frank Tashiro – Tashiro Hardware since 1885

Frank Tashiro, Fall 2010

Quintessential Old World/Old School: Frank Tashiro is Seatle’s own  national treasure. Andy Vanags  would send everyone in Gould Hall to Frank Tashiro for Japanese pull saws. I had to return, 19 years later, to replace my own set of saws, since gifted away in North Carolina to a colleague for allowing me access to his stand of bamboo on his property outside Chapel Hill.

I read an Oregon woodworker’s guild account that captured Mr. Tashiro’s spirit and hint at the wealth of knowledge he possesses.

For me, to PULL rather than to PUSH in itself embodies a philosphy to live by.    


One thought on “Frank Tashiro – Tashiro Hardware since 1885

  1. I’ve been buying sickles from Tashiro’s since 1952. Later I became interested in saws and since then Frank has taught me a lot. I’m sorry he left the old Tashiro Building on Prefountaine Place because he had more merchandise on display. He’s always been a gentleman with infinite patience to show me new techniques.

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