Paradigm Shifts & the Quality of Light

Longing for a room equipped with Edison Electric Light?

I was struck by the imagery that this major player in the industry chose as part of their product literature, but not for the reasons they intended.

Without delving too deeply into advancements in lighting technology, matters of energy efficiency and the science of light color giving our minds and bodies the queues to wake up at dawn and wind down at dusk, I wondered recently how our current trajectory away from incandescent lighting and toward the light qualities of ‘daylight’ is affecting us, specifically the artificial light we rely on at night.

I am referring nostalgically to candlelight and that iconic warm glow through the windows from fireplaces, candelabras, oil lamps, gas lights, and in more modern times, incandescent lamps. The affect of highly efficient lamping and engineered color temperatures today emulating daylight offer maybe less romance. And unscientifically – as I suspect there is much research – how too is the artificial light of backlit electronic devices affecting the ‘soundness of sleep’?

How is it that we’ve gone from blowing out candles, trimming wicks and turning gas keys to flicking a switch, LEDs on motion sensors, and the ritual logging off and powering down of the warm glow of our backlit devices?

Sweet dreams.



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