I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

Seattle’s first snow and temps in the 20s tonight made the hilly city’s streets treacherous. Laura ventured out to pick me up downtown after the rush tonight and we witnessed the mayhem up close.

I-5 was a parking lot both ways. Jack-knifed accordion buses blocked Downtown streets. Gangs of good samaritans were out just for fun in the U District to push cars up the hills and on their way/or out of the way.

Almost an hour, crunching along, almost home, this car spins out right in front of us, maybe over-reacting to and over-steering in the process, to avoid the guy on foot. He’s running toward us to wave us off to avoid the cars ahead all piled up into the curve at the bottom of this one street.

In two seconds, we’re hopped up over the median and between the trees and heading down the uphill side of the road! “What the..look at that soccer mom in the minivan go!”

Laura was right that the undriven-on snow would be a better bet than that packed-down ice on the arterials, but that is how we ended up on this more picturesque albeit steeper and winding and narrower street.

Surely Olmsted thought through all these scenarios when he designed this beautiful street? And we bought this AWD minivan for the one day in 6 years that Papa needs a ride home from work in inclement weather?

But when my father-in-law toasted us in 1998 as the couple to take the road less traveled, was this what he meant?

“…I took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.”
– Frost

And we live to blog about it.

Expecting to stay below freezing all day tomorrow. Something about the first snow and the chatter of anti-lock brakes that gets you all in that holiday spirit.

Baby it’s cold outside. Stay home and snuggle.


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