Building Buildings & Building Relationships

I’ve been reflecting alot lately on building buildings & building relationships along the way. Any endeavor really, without good human interaction to show for it is well, just another building. Another day, another dollar.

Putting a human face on the architectural design process is achieved through many hours of face-to-face user programming, collaboration and compromise. Communication is key.  Even then, the best illustrations and renderings are still just pictures on paper. But it seems only when that one-time, full-scale mock-up of the building, the building itself,  is complete, do you witness just how far the designer endeavored to hear AND to listen, understand AND embody, interpret AND execute, the wants and desires of the client’s hopes and dreams. It takes a genuine empathy and a kind of initmacy with these hopes and dreams, reserved maybe only for the oldest friends and dearest family. Perhaps there are friends to be made in of our sometimes too adversarial profession.

A client recently produced a beautiful campaign, The New Face of Cancer Care, that for me puts a human face on the endeavor of cancer care as much as the architecture that embodies this noble endeavor.

Our buildings are better when we’re reminded of these faces along the way. And as we build buildings, we build relationships and add to the story of our own endeavor. 

joe wilson

The Presdient spoke last night of basic human decency and kindnesses and the acrimony eroding our national character. Whether it Healthcare Reform or the building of Hospitals, we endeavor to do our best with eyes and arms wide open.

I am awe-inspired by the depth of human endeavor, to pile up millions of pounds of construction materials and with millions of (hu)man-hours laboring away to design and construct a building that endeavors to treat and cure cancer…

…no lie.


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