Thoughts About Scale & World View/Natural Wonders & Human Endeavor

From the earliest age, our world takes shape through ever-expanding spatial perception and experiences.

haroldI’m reminded of the perspectival phenomenon of babies reaching for the moon and a children’s favorite Harold and the Purple Crayon, Harold’s amazing capacity to expand his world with a little one-point perspective.

That world expands with every interaction of voice and touch and warmth, as the blur of a mother’s face takes shape. Or for our canine friends, Puppy Kindergarten, meeting 100 humans and creatures of their own species in the first 6 months of life came as a powerful testament to the importance of socialization, cooperation and coexistence.

We are about to embark on a family vacation, an odyssey really, to the other side of the planet. Not our true antipodes, but to the Big Island of Hawaii which may as well be, for our mostly suburban, apologetically comfortable brood. That is to say, there are no active volcanoes, tropical rainforests, large marine mammals, multi-tiered waterfalls, infinite horizons or vast expanses of water that I can discern from our front porch in Central North Carolina.

On Paradise, I imagine a place where nature reminds you of at least two things: our vulnerability in the scheme of things apoolside drinknd our indelible strain on nature’s resources.  I imagine too that some may find Paradise in a drink with an umbrella in it delivered poolside by beautiful people for beautiful people.

This in fact has been a common theme for me:  ‘to serve’, be subservient, or, ‘to be served’ without being servile or ignoble and to be the gracious benefactor without offense or condescension.

So to broaden our horizons, our world view, we expose ourselves and our children to all the wonders of our natural planet and human endeavor. In spite of the tourist/local dichotomy where the visitor comes and goes with an entirely different perspective than the inhabitant, it is always my hope that we will be warmly received and able to reciprocate all the while taking in the change in scenery with the UNESCO World Heritage List as our roadmap.


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